Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EASTER with the COOKS! April 2012

 Easter weekend.
The Cooks flew in Tuesday evening. We had a great time while they were here :) The weather was fabulous!
Ryan took the time off. Bon-fires every night. Great food. And shopping.
Raina got to meet her cousins and Auntie & we got some great pictures!
We had Easter Dinner on Saturday night. They went back to Vegas on Sunday morning.
We love you guys and will miss you!!

 Micheal, Christian, Judy, Raina. What an adorable bunch!!

Great summer weather in April. Pretty sure they brought it from Vegas, because it got cold again when they left.

Bacon wrapped hot dogs roasted over the fire?...

..who knew.

RED WILLOW ~ I great way to send a few hours shopping :)

 Judy did our toenails ~ Thanks Jude!!
 Homemade bread and buns, yummy!


APRIL 2012 ~ Raina 13 months

13 Months ~ Raina is walking!
And getting into everything! If she can reach it, its out.
She loves taking things out! Out of the box, out of the drawers, cupboards...
It's so cute to watch her, and worth every minute I have to spend picking it up when she's done with it!

MARCH 2012

One precious little girl is ONE!!!
Raina took her first steps around her 1st Birthday! 
Has 6 teeth and got a molar soon after turning 1.

MARCH 2012

Grandma Cain (Mom) visited for Raina's Birthday.
We had a picnic at the park :)

Raina Turns ONE!!

I cant believe our little baby girl is ONE!
We did have a little Birthday Party.. "cupcake theme"
Grandma Cain even flew from Oregon to be here for her 1st Birthday. Raina's buddy Emma came. And friends were there to help Raina celebrate her special day. Raina had her first cupcake (first sugar) 
She was the life of the party! She cried when it was time to go! Our little party animal...