Monday, February 20, 2012

"I'm 11 months old!"


"I'm 11 months old!"

~ Standing and
Cruising on everything  (but not quite walking)
~ Expert crawler
~ Kisses
~ Waves bye-bye and claps her hands
~ Loves: Books, Peek-a-boo, patty-cake,"Sesame Street" & "Baby Einstien"
~ Has 6 teeth!
~ Wears her 6-9 month clothes and a few 12 month
~ Got her first pair of real shoes!
~ Says "Mama, Dada, Baba, ba, and babbles/talks alot... pretends to read her books, turns the pages and mimics us reading to her
~ Enjoys fruit over veggies and likes whole grain bagel w/ cream cheese, loves grahm crackers, and can drink form her sippy cup all by herself :)
~ Likes going shopping with Mommy, and always has.. (something about being pushed around in the cart while watching the people, the lights, & enjoying the sights)
~ Loves Music!
~ Loves Her Mommy & Daddy... and we Love her !!! 

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  1. Look at that hair!! Wow she just gets cuter and cuter! Love the posts! Keep em coming!