Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello all..

Its been a busy time. My jewelry business has really taken off. Im getting orders everyday, which is great, but sometimes difficult to sqeeze in time to create and ship them in a timely manner!

Raina started standing up! First at some friends house over the weekend, and now shes doing it all the time, where ever she can! We think she will deffinately be walking before too long now. Watch out :) She is such a busy girl, always learning and exploring.
(10 months old this coming monday.)

It snowed today. Approx an inch. It always seems like more! We've been way too lucky with the weather. Record high temps in january, I guess it's time for it to get super cold now. Hurry up spring!

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  1. Hey sweetie, you better join your own blog. I'm a follower now. This will be fun. I hope you don't go too many days without writing something. Love you very much...MOM and Grama