Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raina gets here ears pierced..

Raina turned 10 months on Monday :)
We have been wanting to get Raina's ears peirced since the moment we brought our little girl home from the hospital! Doc says "wait until she has had her first tetenus shot at 2 months.."
My how time flies. We should have done it sooner. It was no easy task getting our wiggly little girl to sit still long enought to get it done. I was so worried they would be uneven!
But she did excellent. She sat on Daddy's lap, we distracted her with toys and let her play with the packaging from the piercing gun. She was happy, until the earing went in... the text moment, she screamed & cried! But calmed down quickly. It was a real challenge to get to the other ear for the second one, as she totally knew what was about to happen! Then it was all done. She only cried for a minute. We bought her a little pink stuffed toy, put her back in her carseat, and paid for the pretty 14k gold earings that were now in her ears :) Adorable!

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